IMG_2289The St Catharines Heritage Advisory Committee (formerly Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee) was established by the City of St. Catharines in 1976 to advise Council on city-wide heritage matters pursuant to the Ontario Heritage Act.

The vision of the committee is to advise Council on measures to protect and enhance heritage resources based on applicable legislation, policies and regulations as well as conventionally accepted conservation methods and practices.

The St. Catharines Heritage Advisory Committee’s (SCHSC) main duty is to advise and assist Council on heritage-related matters specific to individual property designation and heritage district designation required by the Ontario Heritage Act as well as changes to designated properties. Related activities include:

  • Surveys, inventories and researches properties and areas that may deserve recognition.
  • Focuses its efforts toward designating the most important heritage resources in the community and assists owners and neighbourhood groups seeking designation for their properties and neighbourhoods.
  • Recognizes the stewardship efforts of designated property owners by hosting a ceremony for them and presenting them with a bronze plaque for their building.
  • Stays current on heritage conservation practice for ways to promote heritage to the community.
  • Helps property owners find viable, economical, maintenance and alteration solutions that are sympathetic to their building.
  • Provides council with reliable advice on all heritage matters (e.g. adaptive re-use options for vacant buildings)