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St. Catharines Street Names Project

Thank you to Maurice Gomme for spearheading this incredible project and for seeing it through to it’s completion. 

Why are street names important?  Without them, identifying locations would be extremely difficult.  Just imagine trying to tell someone where you live if our streets had no names.  But in addition to their functional value the origin of street names in many cases, also tell us something about our past.  Therefore finding out the history behind the names has been the real challenge and the motivation for compiling this book.

This project includes streetnames from: St. Catharines, Grantham, Merriton and Port Dalhousie.

Download the St. Catharines Street Name Project Book (14MB)

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Lieutenant Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award – Brian Narhi

by Marty Mako and Gail Benjafield

Feburary 3rd, 2014 – St. Catharines, Ontario is proud to have one of our own receive this,  the prestigious Ontario Lieutenant Governor’s Award,  to be presented later this month in Toronto.

The Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Awards are presented for outstanding contributions to the identification, preservation, protection and promotion of Ontario’s heritage. Continue reading “Lieutenant Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award – Brian Narhi”

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