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St. Catharines Street Names Project

Thank you to Maurice Gomme for spearheading this incredible project and for seeing it through to it’s completion. 

Why are street names important?  Without them, identifying locations would be extremely difficult.  Just imagine trying to tell someone where you live if our streets had no names.  But in addition to their functional value the origin of street names in many cases, also tell us something about our past.  Therefore finding out the history behind the names has been the real challenge and the motivation for compiling this book.

This project includes streetnames from: St. Catharines, Grantham, Merriton and Port Dalhousie.

Download the St. Catharines Street Name Project Book (14MB)

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St. Joseph’s Convent

Convent-corner Church and James-DG postcard
St. Joseph’s Convent
63 Church St.
Built: 1874
Destroyed by fire in 1972, demolished 1973.

The Lincoln County Jail

Niagara St.Jail-frontal

The Lincoln County Jail
116 Niagara Street
Built: 1866
Demolished: 1976
Architect: W.G. Storm

The Lincoln County Jail was in use from 1866 until the opening of the Niagara Regional Detention Centre in 1973. The jail’s first occupant, Jack Bryant, was on of the 164 other prisoners in the first year of operation. Six escapes occurred during the jail’s 107-year existence. Only one hanging took place, Sidney Gordon Chambers was hung on December 16, 1946 for the murder of a 9-year-old St.Catharines girl.

St.Catharines Carnegie Public Library

Photo from the Niagara Falls Public Library website

The Carnegie library was one of 125 built in Canada with funding from the Carnegie Foundation.  The library remained in use until 1977 when the Centennial Library was opened.

55 Church Street
Built: 1905
Demolished: 1977
Architect: Sidney Rose Badgley

Some elements from the library can be found around the city.


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